Harsh weather with snow and ice, put me off running for almost two months. But now the weather is beautiful and I am back into running. The best thing is that a lot of calories are burnt in a very short time and I am done for the day in half-hour. Of course, I have … Continue reading Running.


  I absolutely love the National Health Service. The care provided to friends and family has been phenomenal. During my pregnancy, the love and care that I received were exceptional. NHS has had so much praise with the pandemic. I feel it is a system which should be in every country. It is changing now. … Continue reading NHS


Morning run, London.┬áThe freshness of mornings in autumn is amazing. It touches every pore of the body and soul. Couple run.It is cold here now, five degrees when we go out for a run. By the time we come back we are all hot and sweaty.┬áMorning Glow.Every time I see the rising sun and glow … Continue reading Hope


Definitely, somedays are better than others. On a good day, I might feel quite energetic. In fact, I could call today a good day. meditation and stretches to start the day off. A full day of work with a super bunch of people; did not even feel like work in actual fact. Family walk along … Continue reading Energetic!!