Stillness when busy.

A whole day of intense work then a quick stir fry on the hob, dinner done within minutes and then reached a meeting. Somehow the day got extremely busy, testing every limit of my emotional, physical and social being. I don’t like feeling too rushed.

When the meeting was finished, I left without eating as I had already had food at home. When we came out, opposite our car park was Mowbray Park in Sunderland. Sun was setting and we went round the park where we had not been before. It took no more than ten minutes to circle the gardens, the cold stillness rejuvenated us and all the busy schedule was brought back to new energy levels.

All these spectacular photographs captured as we went along the paths of Mowbray Gardens, Sunderland.

2 thoughts on “Stillness when busy.

  1. I noticed the commemorative monument of WW2. The park seems quiet and quite empty of people.
    What is that animal in the 6th picture?

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