Gardens and flowers.

An hour away from us is a market town called Harrogate. We tend to go around this time of the year as the whole city is in full bloom. Valley Gardens looks beautiful with its flowers and trees. I do feel proud of my children when they want to be around nature and spend hours … Continue reading Gardens and flowers.


It is getting cold now in the north of England. Cozy blankets and couch comforts are much more welcome than counting steps. After a few weeks, yesterday I was able to get to my ten thousand steps. I must say it felt good. Once the steps are done then the motivation is there to eat … Continue reading Steps


Good weather and the lifting of lockdown gave us a real sense of freedom. We booked tickets to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Beautiful landscape and sculptures dotted around. The pregnant woman above when seen from far away gives a different idea about it, when we got close to it we were stunned by the intricacies on … Continue reading Sculptures.


Yarm High Street. Negative thoughts do rule our minds. How do you stop them from making a permanent home in your brains? Once they do take hold of your thoughts, they will rule over your heart and every thought. We need to stop them from becoming permanent. Learning to identify them and helping ourselves to … Continue reading Negativity