Saturday Mornings

No need to rush. Last Saturday morning I was working and had to reach early for work. Today, though, I am not working, I woke up as usual at seven but then realised and went back to sleep, finally waking up at quarter past eight. Love the feeling of not rushing around. Love the idea … Continue reading Saturday Mornings


Good weather and the lifting of lockdown gave us a real sense of freedom. We booked tickets to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Beautiful landscape and sculptures dotted around. The pregnant woman above when seen from far away gives a different idea about it, when we got close to it we were stunned by the intricacies on … Continue reading Sculptures.


Yarm High Street. Negative thoughts do rule our minds. How do you stop them from making a permanent home in your brains? Once they do take hold of your thoughts, they will rule over your heart and every thought. We need to stop them from becoming permanent. Learning to identify them and helping ourselves to … Continue reading Negativity

Autumn Feel

Clear sky, sunshine, green fields, hills, autumn chill, leaves turning their colours - these are some of my favourite things. Cleveland Hills is full of beauty and surprises. We seem to find a new path every time we go for a walk along these valleys and on the tops of the hills. Alpacas caught my … Continue reading Autumn Feel


Morning run, London. The freshness of mornings in autumn is amazing. It touches every pore of the body and soul. Couple run.It is cold here now, five degrees when we go out for a run. By the time we come back we are all hot and sweaty. Morning Glow.Every time I see the rising sun and glow … Continue reading Hope


"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein Gratitude is a beautiful word and once we start to feel it, the meaning becomes even more wonderful. A friend of mine, Chetna, got me started on meditation in … Continue reading Gratitude