Hair care

Do we need a hair care routine? The social media with its influencers have lots of different ways of looking after your hair. I have hair thinning which I put it down to hormones, but I am not sure. When I was a child, my aunty would oil my hair with coconut oil on Saturday … Continue reading Hair care


It has been ages since we did some planned and necessary shopping. Necessary to the point where jeans were tearing apart because they have been worn so much. I went to Leeds to get clothes for my son. We had a great afternoon out and spent money only on what was really required. Freely roaming … Continue reading Shopping


Being right handed and having my thumb nail broken has been unpleasant to say the least. Past six months I have been noticing that my nail had split longitudinally and the split is working its way further inwards. I was having to cut the nail all the time otherwise hair and the likes would get … Continue reading Nails

Royal Ascot

Saree and Fascinator. A day at the Royal Ascot was exceptional. Best English weather, best attire, great food and drinks, in the company of friends, what more can you ask for. Planning started eleven months ago. We were not sure if we could go in sarees but then organiser found out that it was allowed. … Continue reading Royal Ascot

Jubilee Celebrations.

My homage. I got asked to write a poem for the platinum jubilee celebrations by my manager. My mind running many miles per hour produced this within fifteen minutes as the deadline was QUICK. I always enjoy writing and loved doing this piece too. It says it all. Hope you all like it.