Apple numbers

Numbers from today. 'Time to stand', beeps on my watch as I am taking a serious focussed history from a patient. Now how do I get my minute of standing? I quickly make the examination part brought forward in order to get the stand hour complete. I sometimes tell my patient, I really must get … Continue reading Apple numbers

Royal Ascot

Saree and Fascinator. A day at the Royal Ascot was exceptional. Best English weather, best attire, great food and drinks, in the company of friends, what more can you ask for. Planning started eleven months ago. We were not sure if we could go in sarees but then organiser found out that it was allowed. … Continue reading Royal Ascot

Jubilee Celebrations.

My homage. I got asked to write a poem for the platinum jubilee celebrations by my manager. My mind running many miles per hour produced this within fifteen minutes as the deadline was QUICK. I always enjoy writing and loved doing this piece too. It says it all. Hope you all like it.

Cleared Up.

All through winter I had kept bags of things that needed to go for recycling, in our garage. There was a television, a monitor, wires, bulbs, books, clothes, quite a few mop heads for some reasons, an old computer table, computer chair and many other things. They had been collecting on and around our ping … Continue reading Cleared Up.