What are my connections? My life and yours too, needs the network around us to live a healthy life. It is important to make sure we take care of the surround system in our daily beings. Nature-I would like to connect more with nature but somehow not being able to. A friend goes running early … Continue reading Connections


The likes of Alexa are all around us these days. Alexa, in the kitchen. Siri, on the watch. Google, on the TV. Weather, music, time, and volume are all a command away. Cookies too come with these devices. Today for my workout, I wanted to play some music with Alexa and dance to it. Alexa … Continue reading Alexa.


I enjoy lifting weights. It is a great sense of achievement after increasing the kilograms on the dumbells. I follow the Beachbody routines to do my workouts. It is usually done four days a week. My issue last week was a lack of energy after a busy weekend, and I finished my routine over two … Continue reading DOMS

A well.

I visited a farm house today which was amazing. It is a dream house by my standards. It has 30 acres of land surrounding it. There were stables and with it were horses that were grazing in the paddocks freely. A stream at the bottom of the hill with lush green trees was seen all … Continue reading A well.


Bollywood dancing is catchy and energetic. As soon as the music starts I have to get off the chair to dance, be a small gathering or large. Most of the time I don't even know the lyrics but the music is tremendous. Completely carefree of who is around me, I take to the beats and … Continue reading Dancing


Night-time craving after having the evening meal can be disastrous to all the day's effort. I have often looked in the fridge, freezer and pantry cupboard around eight o'clock at night. Today was one of those days. My chocolate craving was at its worst. Grapes, honey with yoghurt, fruit juice nothing was helping. I simply … Continue reading Mochi