Come on tell a joke . What’s a joke. Something that will make me laugh. I can tell you a funny incident from holiday. No tell me a joke. I can show you some memes. A joke will do.

So no more jokes. Kids don’t know jokes these days . Jokes were a thing in parties and everyone laughed freely yes in MY days. Political correctness has led to the loss of these. There is no lightheartedness anymore. Always stressed.

When I crossed my grandma,yes of course all those years ago, we were sure to get asked a riddle or two. Keep thinking about it . Will need the answer in so many hours . Asking anybody that came in contact about the riddle . Them all scratching their heads or giving me the all knowing smile . Right I can try and work this out . It was a simple joy to look forward to.

Above image is what I found when googled jokes. These are from Readers . Unbelievable I had to google jokes to find some for my kids. I couldn’t remember any, because we don’t talk about them . At work I asked if people can say some jokes . None had any to make us laugh.

Something needs to give way to make things a bit less stressful. Laughing is good for health . When did you have a good old laughter session with friends and family. We all know good hormones are released with laughing so what are you waiting for . Share a joke . Spread happiness.

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