Who Won!!

I am reading The Gita, it is a Hindu religious excerpt which expresses Lord Krishna’s teaching to Arjun in the epic book of Mahabharata. I keep it by my bedside and read it especially in times of stress. anxiety or dilemma. It somehow brings meaning to every situation and kind of tells me what might … Continue reading Who Won!!


Christmas Day is finally here. To reach this point, it all begins in early December with getting the decorations up and setting up the Christmas tree. It has taken a number of trips to the shops to get the right presents. Then gift wraps and the wrapping. The cards. Parties to attend nearly every weekend … Continue reading Pressures.


There are multiple different ways to get married. Cultures, religions, beliefs, and countries have different ways of doing the same thing. Basically a marriage ceremony is a wedding. Whatever said and done it is a happy occasion to celebrate a relationship. I absolutely love to attend a wedding especially in India where mostly it is … Continue reading Weddings.