Extra work.

Today if I wanted I could have cleared my work quicker than usual but I decided to sit down and do some extra bit of work which I was going to keep for the weekend. I felt great after getting on with the work. It meant giving up my afternoon on a sunny day but … Continue reading Extra work.


A day out over the weekend took us to Ripley, a little place in the Yorkshire area. The castle is the main sight seeing place with surrounding areas beautifully maintained and also left natural enough. The lake is beautiful and the falls look very pretty. From where ever we looked it was a photo worth … Continue reading Ripley.

Celebrate life

When going out on walks these days, there are little lambs everywhere. They run around their moms, generally one or two. The numbers on them which farmers have written on them, it coordinates with their moms. They're jumping around along the lush green fields. Some of them are not even able to stand up fully. … Continue reading Celebrate life