Handsome Men

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Tall ,dark and handsome that is how we portray our partners to be. Reading Mills and Boon through the years of teenaging and the twenties leaves us yearning for that Prince Charming coming by. Perceptions then change to a friend ,philospher and guide stage of that charming partner. Then we finally land up with reality. At least we land up somewhere and hopefully enjoying what we have got.

Whatever said and done, those years of dreaming and imagining the M&B hero was super good.It still brings a smile to my face when I used to buy posters to put in my room and my father was most disappointed in my upbringing. I did have to destroy a poster with a six pack bare photo of a man that I had put in my room which belonged to a popular bollywood hero of my times, which was many moons ago ,of course. Shameful to be honest how I had put that photo up.

Haircut, beards, moustache, six packs, these are some of the things that are important in men . I am amazed when I take my son for a haicut and I| am told to stay away because he gets different number cuts in various parts of the head.It takes a fairly long time to get the haircut done. I have strict instructions on the money. School stipulates the requirements so he prefers getting a haircut at the start of holidays.

Such societal requirements must put men in so much stress. I thought women were under pressure but reality is men are under similar pressures. Isnt there enough to deal with studies and career that we even have to live with grooming ourselves to the best possible . No harm keeping ourselves fit and well but taking it to lengths of making us into hero and heroines goes a bit too far.

It is hard to live with falacies like baldness or overweight or acne faces , society should be kinder to each other. We would all be happier and live so much more at peace with oneself and with each other.

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  1. i remember putting up pics of cricketers too, other than film stars. school ,college life yaad aa gaya.
    sometimes M&B books inside textbooks.

  2. You should not be shameful rather proud to accept your doings boldly.It needs a lot of courage!Society is always there to create pressure , but its totally up to us how much we succumb to it.

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