Nails and Party

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Must confess I absolutely love getting my nails done. At work we have to keep clear nails but I am off next week so to make the most of the vacation, I have got my nails done. More so going for a do tonight so more reasons to get them done.

Make up, hair straightening, good clothes, appreciating myself – all this definitely feels good and brings about positivity all around. I have discovered today that all my suitable sandals are missing. I tell you -if you have a daughter with similar foot size – beware shoes go walking. They have ended up in her university cupboard and I am left high and dry. Grrrr.

I absolutely love to see my husband getting ready -he probably makes more fuss than me. The shoes get polished everyday in our house but before a party they are absolutely shinning bright. The fuss over which tie – the family has an input to decide which one is the best.

These days with busy lives ,we don’t get time to make a fuss over ourselves. Self indulgence is important and must be done. Surely it brings about happiness in ourselves and around us too. It is good to love oneself. We are all so precious.

4 thoughts on “Nails and Party

  1. Absolutely love the thoughts!Previously I used to feel guilty pampering myself….no more!

  2. I love this!! Rishi, you rock girl! It is so important to pamper oneself! My spa massages are my way of “treating” myself when i do them. And I love buying clothes too – the first time i wear something new I feel like an excited child. The second time isnt the same LOL

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