Soaked to the bone.

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Warm and cloudy, perfect weather for a good walk especially when I had been on the computer all morning and on holiday too. Needed to break away from all the reading and give my eyes some rest. Right then, call for a walk before lunch. Off I go.

Well, started all warm and dry, about half way of my circuit rain drops could be felt. What shall I do -take a shortcut back home or continue.

As a kid we used to wait for holiday and rains. We used to plug the drains on a section of the terrace and it would fill up with water soon enough.Ha ha that was the best of childhood. No inhibitions, no sense of dirt, no sense of catching a cold, the only sense which prevailed was fun. Paper boats were made to put in the so called swimming pool. Who could get the bigger splash and jump? Completely soaked through and still absolutely loving it. The freshness of the rain drops on the face and skin.The laughter and shrieks went on till an adult realised what was going on.

Flash floods in UK are so common with heavy rains and they are so dangerous.We once got caught in Wales when there was sudden downpours and flooding. We were on holiday, driving in the car with kids at the back. Reached a narrow part of a hilly roads where there was mountain on one side and valley on the other, rain water splashing in rage in front of us down the mountain into the valley. Caught in the dillema whether to go through the running water or wait, but then for how long. We decided to go through the fast flowing mountain river and to this day dread the site ot it. What if we got washed away. Behind us was a smaller car, they never crossed it ,they decided to stop and wait for the rains get better. Good idea for sure.

Today I made a choice to walk in the rain. Generally rains here don’t last for long . How much harm can it do? The supermarket is there, bus stops are there so if need be I can stop and take shelter. But I didnot want to.The rain was cold and sharp and coming straight at me and there was no stopping. Kept walking. Rain splashing on my face,even tried drinking the rain water. My cotton jacket got wet through and through. There was no hoody. Hair was dripping.Totally got soaked, yes to the bone. Loved my walk . If you haven’t done this in a while do it my friends – its guaranteed happiness.

Now in bed warm and writing about it with a great big smile on my face. Feeling thrilled and chilled to the skin.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!Rains seem to be a blessing from the almighty above!

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