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Woke up and realised I have a headache.Then realised mouth is dry. I am not one for tablets. After a good night sleep why should I have a headache.

I had a busy day yesterday full of excitement around India Elections and work .On the whats app group – plans were being made to see some friends and them coming around to celebrate Modi winning the elections and becoming the PM for India again. So ended up doing some cooking for the evening. We love doing parties in our house, has gone less I must say these days due to kids exams .

That got me thinking that actually I really did not get time to drink enough fluids yesterday. I was probably in need of water.First thing I did was a glass full of water. It felt good. Made a conscious effort for some more water in the first hour of the day and somehow the headache went away. I was not working today so an hour of walking made me feel even better.

A friend was coming over so we decided to go to the local Golf club for coffee and cakes , son agreed to accompany us as well as they started their half term holidays. Looking over the green grounds , sun shining , comfy sofas , good company , americano , rocky road pieces – one really does not need much out of life. By the way again asked for a glass of water with my coffee. All that headcahe is gone and washed off with the water. I am so glad it was only dehydration causing the problem and I did not need paracetamols.

We will all have slight problems , its worth a thought about anything that may have caused it but not to the extent that we ignore it or belittle it .Must feel well and be happy . Sometimes its an effort to make life happy but its worth it.

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  1. Maintaining a correct ratio of solids and fluids is very important.Just like the earth is 70% water so is the human body.Its our prime duty to take care of it!

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