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Hunger is the call of duty once I reach home after a hectic day. Whichever way possible get food ready as soon as possible otherwise hands start going into every jar, cupboard or fridge and stuff the face with rubbish. We tend to get organised with a few mains over the weekend so the week goes by without much hassle. So a little bit of cooking, dishwasher unloading and loading, eat and clean up the kitchen , that feels better – once the hunger is over.

Now what though, heard the news of brexit over and over again, nothing much on television. Indian election exit polls which mean nothing is no good. Tomorrow getting the real result of the polls will be interesting. The evening looks beautiful and mild, sunny as well as windy. Thats it, best to go for a walk. Husband always enthusiastic about walks and is ready. Right, out we go for a lovely walk in the cool fresh breeze – did a world of good for both us.

We get so used to being busy all the time that evenings without much to do can really be difficult to kill the time. Everybody has busy lives and then ask them to sit down for few hours can be a torture almost. We have started watching television too much which is so unhealthy – resting a lot is script for unhealthy life so need to stray away from it. Inactivity is the prescription for diabetes I feel , so what ever it be keeping moving is the healthiest thing to do. Of course we knew that.

Our son is still at home so there is a bit of work to do around him .Some of our friends have all their kids left home now and they are by themselves, they find evenings even more silent and filled with abundance of television. A good evening routine is as important I feel. Otherwise we can get into wrong habits. The walk in the freshness of the evening makes us happy and gives a good night sleep.

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  1. Nice article!But inactivity is as essential as activity.Without giving your body and mind rest at regular intervals we lose track of life itself and in which direction it is taking us.

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