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Ok, so do smile with your mouth closed or open? Do you show your teeth when you smile? I kept looking at my smile in different ways and could not decide which is a better smile. Natural way – I smile with my mouth closed.

Last time I went to my dentist I saw advertisements for whitening the teeth, and I thought, may be that can be a pampering for myself when I turn 50. Came home and realised it will be of no use because I rarely see my teeth in any photographs. I have not yet ditched the idea though.I am working on my smile. But the other question is , should we get our teeth whitened?

Smiles of celebrities – invariably one can see their teeth all beautifully alligned and white. It definitely makes the face more bright . But then I started comparing the eyes and felt its the eyes that really smile. The actual happiness and feeling is not in the teeth , its in the eyes. Hey guys think about this – do you smile with your eyes or your mouth. Which is more important. Where is the real happiness coming from?

Does not matter, being happy is what is important. Please smile and spread the happiness.

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  1. I am amazed to see how similarly we think! I was also obsessed with the idea of pampering myself at the dentist’s in my fifties ,but have recently dropped the idea.The crux is to be happy from within.External factors cannot sustain you for long.

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