The Waves

What a lovely morning – a colleagues had her birthday and she is 65 , still going strong but has decided to retire. One of the longest serving member of the team. Patients love her and feel they can’t manage without this receptionist, so do the team in fact . A frontline job carries so much importance for patients . They make a service worthwhile and the customer experience relies a lot on them. Jen will be missed .
My on-call went well but by 1 pm I was ready for my lunch – heard a ping on the phone and a Hi from hubby -yes I am ready for a sandwich -let’s get a subway and head to the sea. The advantage of working 10 minutes from the sea.
The North Sea at high tide and all the sand sucked up . Isn’t life like the waves -everything comes and goes . Nothing is static. Time clears things up just like the waves. The sounds swallow all the turmoil. All that anxiety and depression will get better with time .We need to have patience and wait for this tide to pass off. The sandy beaches will be back and we can walk on them again.
Feeling refreshed after some grub and some healthy fresh air. I was wearing really big heels today, so we could not walk . We can keep the walking for the evening. Its time to do some cooking. I do enjoy doing friday cooking because its always special in our house. Going to make aubergine parmigiana today – fake away for friday night- love doing it. Hope this keeps everybody happy.


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  1. Such a nice article!Our lives are really like waves…..everything builds up just to be destroyed at another point of time…..At times the vulnerability of life and the entire happenings leave me confused and detached but then its life…it must go on!

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