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Open up , yes of course , fully and freely. What is stopping you?

We hear about child abuse a lot and are vigilant about it all the time, especially with my general practitioner job and medical training. We really have to be on the look out for kids being physically, mentally or sexually abused. Look out for subtle signs and symptoms, be ready to grab the opportunity to help out.

Its not only children that we should look out for. Even adults or older people have been abused for years and they have not even realised it. Mental and emotional abuse is a hard one to understand. I feel people forget that there is a SELF hidden somewhere inside. Do you even know that there is person who is very much YOU? Repeated actions and words will make us forget that we have a head and heart of our own.

When I meet people it makes me realise how much we all have gone through and now in our fifties, sixties and seventies finally understood -Ah well I too have a say in this household, half of this is mine and I can do what I want. What has been stopping me? Constantly being emotionally abused and being told of how unworthy I am – have YOU forgotten yourself. Realise your own worthiness and let not others pull you down. With repeated thoughts let not your own headspace be tormented with thoughts of failure. Nobody is a failure,we have all tried hard enough to our capability.

Love yourselves and do not let any bullying stop you from free thinking. It could be happening at home, family, work or among friends. Give a thought to yourselves sometime and think laterally – make sure you are happy. Make sure you have self respect and self pride in what you do.

Be happy guys and girls.Free yourselves from shortcomings.We all deserve to be completely free and blooming to the best of our capacity.

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  1. I read the article so many times!This constantly happens in subtle ways….emotional abuse and being constantly reminded of unworthiness.The message in the end is so comforting,we all deserve to be completely free and blooming to the best of our capacity

  2. Summarized very well esp in context to the females in our Indian household!!Self respect and worthiness ,so very important….

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