So busy.

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Been running all day , one job after another – I hear this so often from people. I keep wondering ,why and over what. Today when I heard this again , in my head I thought -ah ok what about me .How can I not feel busy . I am a full time doctor and should be feeling too busy but this momentary thought of wow I am not really running in my life made me feel so calm .

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and take a deep breath-what am I really up to . Have I got a roof over my head , am I paying my bills, am I sincere with my job , am I hurting anybody with my actions ? Generally the answers should be in the positive to above questions and if so there is no need to feel on the go all the time. In life there comes a point where one should learn to stop and admire what they have achieved.

We all will be achievers in some form or another .Head and heart rule us in different ways . Which one are we listening to. Of course in those college days heart ruled everything and I did what it told me . Now though, I feel heart has to be controlled. Let head take over and guide us . Agreed it’s hard to be rational all the time . We can only try.

Think of the best possible way we are going to be happy . How much and how fast do you want to run is up to you. Keeping happiness the aim should keep us in the right direction .

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  1. Our life is totally our creation….a summation of the choices we make.Of course a balance between head and heart is the key to everlasting happiness!

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