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Living in United Kingdom these days is about listening to politicians all the time . Cannot get away from it ,so be in the thick of it. Every politician is sickening at the moment. The media projects and shows them all so selfish and only motivated for their own interests .

About 20 years ago I was absolutely in awe of the British politicians . They seemed to have the interest of the people and country at the core of their hearts , work and words. I looked up to them and felt how they were ready to sacrifice their own interest and keep country first. I had come from India and seen the worst of corruption so British politics was a great and fresh way of life.

I don’t get what and how it has all gone so wrong. Nobody is clear in their heads what they must do for the country and it’s people . So many self declared hypocrites have made a joke of the whole system.

It is so important to have a great leader with a vision. A key word for any leader should be vision which should be in the interest of the wider society. No politician seems to have a clear head themselves let alone their parties .

The following which is essential for politics is not there. These days social media is used as a tool to increase your following, see what is trending,use hash tags, get the following, post videos and campaigns as per the trends. Really. What has happened to the grassroot workers. Sitting in offices using data analysts fot twitter and facebook is one way but these politicians need to get out there and work with people.Do they really even under stand what will happen to peoples lives due to their actions.

Peoples lives and happinesss are in the hands of politicians.We need visionaries up there so that the simple, common masses can have a happy and fulfilled life.

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  1. Loved ,your write up!India was bad when you had left,it has become worse now!Spiritual bankruptcy is evident everywhere….its as if the people have killed their souls….

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