“It’s when you’re acting selflessly that you are at your bravest.”

Veronica Roth

Intelligence comes with its pros and cons. Because we have a brain does not mean you can think well. Sometimes we might think too much. See through people and situations so much that we can only see dangers and risks. That’s when we become selfish .

If you asked me to do any of these fancy jumping tricks for charity my answer is I am happy to contribute but not jump. Its not the same though. The problem is I am seeing through the fall too much and imagining trauma that does not happen in reality. So many “what ifs” stop me from doing things. Is it because I see danger more or is it because my brain works harder?

I was listening to a conversation of some younger people – should they adopt or not. There were some lovely stories how instant families can be created and unfortunate couples can have kids. Some of them knew families of adopted kids where things had gone wrong and were reinforcing the idea of stress that comes with adoption. The discussion was among a highly intelligent younger generation who could see both sides of the aspect, but my conclusion was none of them would ever adopt because they were thinking too much into it. I did want to say -hey guys give it a go if you need to, try and be selfless, help a child. But I kept quiet.

Professionalism stops us from doing what I would do normally for family and friends. I can not do the same for my patients. It would be helpful for them but we have to draw a line because things go wrong and then if I wasn’t being professional and staying in my boundaries my licence would be questioned

We can give back so much more, we can love and share so much more instead of being selfish yet our intelligent heads think around things and that’s the end of sharing and caring. If we were a little bit more selfless we could bring a lot more happiness around us

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