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High and Mighty Sir, respect and awe struck, power struck – yes this is how it was when I was in medical school in the nineties in Patna,India. We had to respect our teachers, and professors. Thats how it was and was well accepted.

With the turn of the century, low and behold we were in England. My mentors here were called by their first names. Its probably taken me a minimum of ten years to call my trainers and mentors by their first name.The transition was tough going.

The thing is we are all working, we are all serving – be it for patients,students, customers or simply the public in some form or other.One can be the Prime Minister ,President, Head of Departments, CEOs- these jobs have a lot of power and risk that go with such posts but need to remember that they are still serving the people. Let not the power get to their heads. Let them remember -you are on that post to serve.

If the power gets to the head , things will go wrong and will loose the objectivity of the real reason and purpose of the job.From sitting on the front desk as a receptionist to explaining treatment option in a consultation room,the purpose is to serve patient with care and safety. I feel we need to carefully analyse our jobs and make sure the direction is well defined and is on the track.

As a child we were taught about dignity of labour and to respect all jobs. No job is little. Let power not get to your head. Make your work places a more happy place for all parties.

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