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What is it about family cooking that makes it so difficult? I have realised thinking about only husband and myself is easier than thinking about what to cook when kids are around. Kids are not fussy but may be I over think things.

Made a picnic for seaside on Sunday with cucumber sandwiches, crisp, masala chai and banana cake brought in by a friend.Sitting on a roadside bench in Sandsend watching the sea lapping in and out , sun shining through the clouds and warm fresh wind got us completely oblivious to the world. After so much food had to walk it off as well.Had a great afternoon. On our way back saw the local community market and could not resist going in- found some great bread, auberjine and kiwi chutneys and a lovely tart for the evening dessert.Sure enough we both are huge foodies.

Monday evening was looming large and what can be an easy evening.I text my husband if he fancied Tex-Mex . Ping-Yes. Great .We love nachos and wraps. Cook or restaurant . Chiquitos it will be and guess what we can get Meerkat meal deal .It can’t get better.Any saving is always nice especially if it is 2 for 1.Winner winner. If son was there he would have his choice and daughter would have hers and then we would cook at home for sure.It sometimes is so good to let somebody else do the cooking and serve it up.

Lunch time today I had a bit of time to catch up with home grocery shopping. Completely overlooked the important milk and apple that needed to be bought instead only bought lots of snacks as daughter will be back soon. Again overthinking as she definitely doesnot like too much snacks. Nevermind it will serve my hunger while I do the evening cooking. I find that time the most difficult for eating anything and everything.

One thing is for sure eating, cooking and having meals together brings a lot of happiness in a house.

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