I enjoy lifting weights. It is a great sense of achievement after increasing the kilograms on the dumbells. I follow the Beachbody routines to do my workouts. It is usually done four days a week. My issue last week was a lack of energy after a busy weekend, and I finished my routine over two … Continue reading DOMS


Night-time craving after having the evening meal can be disastrous to all the day's effort. I have often looked in the fridge, freezer and pantry cupboard around eight o'clock at night. Today was one of those days. My chocolate craving was at its worst. Grapes, honey with yoghurt, fruit juice nothing was helping. I simply … Continue reading Mochi


Hay Fever is at its peak on some days. I went for a walk on two consecutive lunch times and completely forgot that pollens could affect me. I have had a mild bit of cold symptoms as well. The two together seems to have made my upper airways fully blocked. With a long weekend at … Continue reading Breathless

Shoulder Pain

Photo by Kampus Production on Shoulders need to be strong physically. All day sitting and working on computers can be detrimental to the upper torso. Work stations need to be at right height so we don't damage our upper body muscles. There was a recent mandatory training about work space that I did, which … Continue reading Shoulder Pain


I do love to go to the gym. With Covid everything had stopped but now we are back in like normal times, it feels energising. My husband was not keen to go back but after much persuasion he has joined too and is enjoying it. My favourite is to do classes. On Saturday I did … Continue reading Gym

Busy Day

Have you felt overwhelmed as soon as you wake up? Day ahead seems too busy? Emotionally, physically and mentally, ready to give up. Of course, we all have faced such days. The first thing I do is write out a list so I am clear about all my ties even if they are emotional. Then … Continue reading Busy Day