Shoulder Pain

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Shoulders need to be strong physically. All day sitting and working on computers can be detrimental to the upper torso. Work stations need to be at right height so we don’t damage our upper body muscles. There was a recent mandatory training about work space that I did, which was a fairly useful training and was impactful for everyday work.

I have started concentrating on muscle strength during my workout sessions. Lifting weights is perhaps my top most exercise these days. I can do this during circuit training and body pump. Both are my favourite classes in the gym. It can be hard to always get spaces in these sessions.

The shoulder pain which I had started to feel for some reason, has now gotten better. I don’t think I have developed any muscles but surely my arms feel stronger. I have never tried sessions with a personal trainer, I might give that a go. I have my reservations about injuries so training with somebody who knows what they are doing will give me more confidence.

I read the four S as the purpose of exercise – strength, stretching, stability and stamina. I thought that was a good way of remembering.

I am loving my workouts these days. Happiness from the adrenaline rush after these sessions are too good.

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