A piece of cake!!

I used to bake when kids were small but now, I do minimal baking. My children make most of the cakes and biscuits these days especially our daughter. I always love the finished product and the way it looks. Now both are at university, and I am going down to meet them I will take … Continue reading A piece of cake!!


Full Moon Time and again I hear people say “I am lonely .” My friends mum was here but now she has gone back, inevitably she feels lonely. Our children came over for Diwali but now both are back to their universities. My house feels empty and lonely. Pets, when not around make us feel … Continue reading Loneliness

Ice Cream.

Late night drive, when the roads are quiet and car gets warmed up nicely, with Sunrise Radio playing great old-time songs, now then, this is the time for Mc Flurrys Ice Cream. Thank you for these twenty-hour drive throughs that we can get indulgences at the right time. Right time indeed, otherwise we would have … Continue reading Ice Cream.


Being right handed and having my thumb nail broken has been unpleasant to say the least. Past six months I have been noticing that my nail had split longitudinally and the split is working its way further inwards. I was having to cut the nail all the time otherwise hair and the likes would get … Continue reading Nails