It was sunset time without the sun, There were clouds covering the sky, There was no wind and temperatures were warm, The Sea showed all its tricks to catch the eye. Waves were huge in the deep sea, They curled and whirled to rise high, And growled upheavals, Lashed around in every direction, Hitting boulders, … Continue reading Seaside

Deep Breath

Deep breathing brings deep thinking and shallow breathing shallow thinking. (Elsie Lincoln Benedict) There has been days when unprecedented work comes along, I was not prepared and work place was not prepared. Fighting spirit comes into function. Fear is setting in. Unsure whether the day is even possible. A sudden turmoil throughout the system. I … Continue reading Deep Breath

Busy Day

Have you felt overwhelmed as soon as you wake up? Day ahead seems too busy? Emotionally, physically and mentally, ready to give up. Of course, we all have faced such days. The first thing I do is write out a list so I am clear about all my ties even if they are emotional. Then … Continue reading Busy Day


Full Moon Time and again I hear people say “I am lonely .” My friends mum was here but now she has gone back, inevitably she feels lonely. Our children came over for Diwali but now both are back to their universities. My house feels empty and lonely. Pets, when not around make us feel … Continue reading Loneliness

Ice Cream.

Late night drive, when the roads are quiet and car gets warmed up nicely, with Sunrise Radio playing great old-time songs, now then, this is the time for Mc Flurrys Ice Cream. Thank you for these twenty-hour drive throughs that we can get indulgences at the right time. Right time indeed, otherwise we would have … Continue reading Ice Cream.