Loving it all.

Best is to love it all. No need to live in fear. No need to have grudges. Forgive the people you are angry with. It sours our own lives. Old Banyan tree in Patna. One of our friends is getting old and with it is coming all the difficulties of aging. It is painful to … Continue reading Loving it all.


Photo by Being.the.traveller on Pexels.com I searched up photos for devotion. Praying was the most common that came up. I pray everyday but I do question my complete devotion to God. I still think I am devoted. Are you devoted? In fact what is your devotion to? These were the things I questioned myself too. … Continue reading Devotion.

The Stillness.

The river, the trees, the wind, everything seemed still. Sometimes no movement feels so exhilarating. I am yet to find a better place that England especially the North east. Every town has beautiful gardens, ponds and flowers. Old people playing bowling is also a great aspect of theses community areas. Sit down even for ten … Continue reading The Stillness.