Aysgarth Falls The roar of the waterfalls Lifelessness of the green moss Wind blown tress with bare branches Golden paths of the fallen leaves. Busy lives and fast flowing days Sometimes weeks and months go by, Finding time with each other Exploring nature in our own ways. Togetherness never felt so good. Picnics and tea … Continue reading Togetherness


Photo by Being.the.traveller on I searched up photos for devotion. Praying was the most common that came up. I pray everyday but I do question my complete devotion to God. I still think I am devoted. Are you devoted? In fact what is your devotion to? These were the things I questioned myself too. … Continue reading Devotion.


Storm Arwen What is a big reason to get frustrated for you? When I do something without full thought around it and then repercussions are to be dealt with, becomes really frustrating for me. Recently when coming back from India my luggage for domestic flight was much less when compared to international fight allowance. While … Continue reading Frustration

Bake Off

Photo by Anete Lusina on #GBBO We absolutely love this show, Great British Bake Off. Mostly we have to watch it later as it comes on weekdays. What ever be the case, we watch each episode. We meaning the whole family. Foodies all the way through. It is inspiring to watch the baking. I … Continue reading Bake Off


It is getting cold now in the north of England. Cozy blankets and couch comforts are much more welcome than counting steps. After a few weeks, yesterday I was able to get to my ten thousand steps. I must say it felt good. Once the steps are done then the motivation is there to eat … Continue reading Steps

Never seen!!

Flying over mountain ranges and suddenly the clouds cleared up, visibility got better and better. I was flying from Delhi to London. Daytime flying can bring immense sense of adventure. All my senses seem to have been aroused after seeing the Himalayas from above. I left my lunch on board, rushed over to see the … Continue reading Never seen!!

The Indian Woman

Photo by Subrata Chatterjee on The Bangle Sellers Sarojini Naidu Bangle sellers are we who bearOur shining loads to the temple fair...Who will buy these delicate, brightRainbow-tinted circles of light?Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,For happy daughters and happy wives.Some are meet for a maiden's wrist,Silver and blue as the mountain mist,Some are flushed like … Continue reading The Indian Woman