Watch TV less!

What could you do less of? Television is my greatest friend these past few years. Problem is, I love it. I definitely should watch less. These days my passion for knitting gives me greater excuse to sit in front of the television. Winters and Christmas. Netflix, Prime, Disney all of these produce superb entertainment. Documentaries, … Continue reading Watch TV less!

The diary

What's the coolest thing you've ever found (and kept)? I try not to add too much sentimental value to things. Everything is perishable and can cause sadness if reliance is developed on them. I chanced upon my school diary, a new one when I had gone with my children to show them my school in … Continue reading The diary


Tuscany What part of your routine do you always try to skip if you can? Holiday throws all routine out of reach. Even when it is a few days away from usual, the whole day seems upside down. Of course it is wonderful to be away from routine. The one best thing on holiday I … Continue reading Routine

Dark and Light

Story keeps going. Colours for me on East Window brought hope. Peace and silence all around. Ceiling in contrast. West side and entrance of Ripon Cathedral. We chanced upon this beautiful cathedral in Ripon. Got taken aback by its charming windows and altar. The wooden carvings were ornate and decorated the doorways. Churches and cathedrals … Continue reading Dark and Light