Stillness when busy.

A whole day of intense work then a quick stir fry on the hob, dinner done within minutes and then reached a meeting. Somehow the day got extremely busy, testing every limit of my emotional, physical and social being. I don't like feeling too rushed. When the meeting was finished, I left without eating as … Continue reading Stillness when busy.


It was sunset time without the sun, There were clouds covering the sky, There was no wind and temperatures were warm, The Sea showed all its tricks to catch the eye. Waves were huge in the deep sea, They curled and whirled to rise high, And growled upheavals, Lashed around in every direction, Hitting boulders, … Continue reading Seaside


Aysgarth Falls The roar of the waterfalls Lifelessness of the green moss Wind blown tress with bare branches Golden paths of the fallen leaves. Busy lives and fast flowing days Sometimes weeks and months go by, Finding time with each other Exploring nature in our own ways. Togetherness never felt so good. Picnics and tea … Continue reading Togetherness