Whitby Abbey

Yorkshire Moors the best place to be. Last weekend I was craving Fish and Chips. At forty minutes drive is Whitby and what better place to have the meal.

My daughter was home for few days so we decided to go. When we reached we were all pretty hungry and needed food straightaway. Hadley’s is our favourite restaurant there. We ate the most amazing cod.

It was then time for a walk. We wanted to reach near the Abbey. Climbed the one hundred and ninety nine steps which always is a great sense of exhilaration in itself. St Mary’s Church was open and we wandered inside. It must have a lot of history to go with the place. It was old, musty and strange woodwork, intriguing to say the least.

We went around the abbey and saw a path going towards the coast. Never before that we had seen. I am so glad we were in an adventurous mood. We started walking at the edge of the cliff. Of course it was secure and the views wherever we looked were spectacular.

All the elements could be seen together. Wind blowing on our faces. Sheep on the green grass. The sea waves lapping away down below at the coast line. The rugged terrain beneath the white froth of the water. The Whitby Abbey overlooking all these forces and mesmerising the whole being.

Happiness is in adventure and exploring the world around. Loved the afternoon. Much excitement in your lives too. Have a great day.

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