person showing woman in blue sport bra carrying gray dumbbell

I enjoy lifting weights. It is a great sense of achievement after increasing the kilograms on the dumbells. I follow the Beachbody routines to do my workouts. It is usually done four days a week. My issue last week was a lack of energy after a busy weekend, and I finished my routine over two days with extra enthusiasm.

DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness is what I have landed myself into. My biceps are hurting in both arms. No amount of massage is helpful. I tried Ibuprofen to no avail. Stiffness and pain are limiting my arm movements. I made it a point to carry heavy shopping to stretch them. Cleaned a bedroom cupboard to make sure the stiffness does not get worse.

Generally, I am careful doing weights to use them in moderation but it was time for me to increase the kilograms as it was becoming too comfortable. That cannot be doing much good anyway. But then I landed myself with these painful arms. Is this what we can call pleasure pains?

It will probably take a few days to weeks for the muscles to repair itself. The main thing is to keep going and not stop. The lesson learnt is moderation is important for sustainability. To be consistent and keep it doable for longer, I need to remember. I will keep going with my aches and pains as long as possible because it gives me great happiness to finish a session of training.

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