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The likes of Alexa are all around us these days. Alexa, in the kitchen. Siri, on the watch. Google, on the TV. Weather, music, time, and volume are all a command away. Cookies too come with these devices.

Today for my workout, I wanted to play some music with Alexa and dance to it. Alexa would not listen to me. I kept shouting and was almost at the point of, banging it when suddenly at deafening volume it started with my favourite tune.

Near enough 100 calories done in no time with lots of sweating, huffing and puffing along with knee pain. No pain, no gain stands true with every exercise routine I do. I think I am now used to the pain I get with any strain but I keep as low impact as possible. Pleasure pain after all does bring happiness.

I am sure we will get more use out of these devices sooner than we think. They might dictate our lives. I cannot wait to see what is in store for all of us humans with AI coming into vogue in all walks of our lives. I am somehow excited about the prospects. Let us wait and see what comes by in the future. For now please be happy where ever you are. Have a good week ahead.

10 thoughts on “Alexa.

  1. I don’t use voice command items. I came across my 3rd unopened Echo dot a few days an shoved it right back in the closet (gave the other 2 away).

    Right now, AI uses general internet for info, so a large part of its responses are incorrect or hostile. It will be interesting to see whether that changes or simply feeds itself more incorrect info, and how humans adapt.

  2. I don’t like the fact that they’re always listening. Yeah, companies say they don’t hear/listen to unapproved stuff (anything before the trigger word) but companies lie.

    I’ve had fun with the Craiyon low res art app. Bored Panda had some awesome AI art screwups in a post today.

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