Understanding ME.

ME meaning myself. I think it is important to understand myself. I can cry at happiness, sadness, anger, conflict or whichever emotion you bring to the table. Even as a child I was the same. People, sometimes, would laugh at the things I would cry at. I started analysing it. Depression, anxiety, stress, post trauma, none of it would fit in. I found out about HSP.

HSP meaning Highly Sensitive Person. Everything fits in with that. It is a personality trait. Not an illness. I am sensitive to things more than other people. That can be both positive and negative. It makes me a more empathic person, which, for my profession is definitely a good trait to have.

I have cried in meetings where I can’t express myself during a conflict. I don’t like it when I can’t speak clearly for myself or defend my points. Probably frustration brings out my emotions, but in the first place it is generally conflict that makes my tears come on. I cant retaliate meaningfully. Good thing is that most meetings are online now and I can put the camera off.

HSP gives a name to my issues and it makes me feel better that it is a recognised thing. I discussed this with some friends and they all felt, they have been very similar in their life too. I have felt relieved to think that we are not mentally ill. Emotional but happy bunch of friends is what we are.

Have a great weekend and look after yourselves.

12 thoughts on “Understanding ME.

  1. thanks for sharing; I am a HSP myself – currently I am finding extremely helpful mindfulness meditation as offered by Diana Winston@ UCLA/MARC very helpful (as recovering from some difficult times). Best wishes,

  2. Good to know that you are a specially-made human like the rest of us! Designed by an Intelligent Creator to do just what you are doing, bringing great comfort to many!! YOWZA-YOWZA-! 😀

  3. Hi. I am a new follower of your blog after discovering you today while looking up wellbeing posts.

    I am a HSP too. I had never heard of it before until a reader of my previous blog I used to write said to me that going by posts she had read of mine, she reckoned I was possibly a HSP. She only learnt herself too that as well and gave me a link to check out more and I read more about it from there, as well as a book.
    This was back in 2018 and discovered that I was a HSP too.
    So like you discovering, I learnt more about me and it explained some of how I am both now and in the past at the time I couldn’t explain. But I now know it wasn’t just me being an introvert, but being a HSP too.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

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