Night-time craving after having the evening meal can be disastrous to all the day’s effort. I have often looked in the fridge, freezer and pantry cupboard around eight o’clock at night. Today was one of those days. My chocolate craving was at its worst. Grapes, honey with yoghurt, fruit juice nothing was helping. I simply needed chocolate.

I remembered that there was a bar of Cadburys Fruit and Nut in the car. My husband went to bring it. The whole bar had melted and collected in one end of the bag. Disgusting. He wanted to throw it. I told him, ‘Leave it in the fridge, we can check it out later.’ More disgusting. I think it went in the bin. Good on him. For once.

My craving was not settling down. I went to get a mochi from the freezer. They were a new flavour-caramel. I don’t like the flavour but had to succumb to it as a last resort. The rice covering was lovely with a slight hint of caramel, ever so slightly sweet and had the chew rice coating which was delicious. The ice cream inside was very tasty and had a caramel centre. It was wonderful and in less than 100 kcals did the trick.

The Little Moons Mochi were much in vogue a few years ago. There was a craze for them and everybody was buying them. It finished in Tesco and both my children wanted it. My husband went to look for it late at night and was told the best time would be to come for it early morning. He reached for six thirty and found them well stacked up in the freezer section. We were all so glad about it.

Where does your craving take you? Do you give in to them? It is perhaps ok to give in, now and then. Otherwise, find a less calorie food instead to suffice. Drink water, lots of it, to help the sugar need. What so ever works, do it and make sure you are happy.

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  1. I try not to succumb to cravings. But if it is so strong that it prevents me from sleeping, I’ll give in after a couple hours.

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