It is getting cold now in the north of England. Cozy blankets and couch comforts are much more welcome than counting steps. After a few weeks, yesterday I was able to get to my ten thousand steps. I must say it felt good.

Once the steps are done then the motivation is there to eat well. I stuck to my calories and even had a calorie deficit.

There really is no excuse these days if you really want to loose weight. My weight is still more than it should be. I keep trying. The best form of exercise I find is walking which gives active minutes and also calorie burn. I do have an exercise regime that follow regularly every week as per beachbody on demand.

Recently my knees started hurting and I got told to reduce walking and definitely stop running. Cycling is the best exercise along with swimming was the doctors advice. I still haven’t come to terms with my knee issues but I get it that when one is overweight these are the repercussions one has to pay.

I have become more mindful of my day to day living and try to be happy in whatever I am doing and whoever I am around. There is no need to make my life so planned that it then gives too much disappointment and resentment. My daughter, in fact was trying to explain this to me. I liked it.

I am going to get my ten thousand steps done today again and go out there to enjoy the fresh cold air. Have a happy weekend everyone.

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