Saturday Mornings

No need to rush.

Last Saturday morning I was working and had to reach early for work. Today, though, I am not working, I woke up as usual at seven but then realised and went back to sleep, finally waking up at quarter past eight. Love the feeling of not rushing around. Love the idea that the evening is going to be relaxed and can be a late night.

First thing after brushing my teeth I did was to clear up all the washing and make the ironing pile ready for later. The room started looking neat and tidy. That’s been enough to get me going in a positive way for the day. I will finish my forty minute exercise and ironing today as well. These little things if not done keep growling in my inner self all day long so I prefer to get them done as soon as possible.

Now I am sat down to write, this is the most fulfilling time of the week for me. I love the interaction we have on this platform. We do need to realise what gives the most satisfaction to us and try to pursue it.

It is difficult to start and finish something these days mainly due to social media distractions. A huge issue before starting anything is, if you decide to check your phone then you are absolutely sure to loose half an hour and by then you have probably forgotten what you wanted to start.

I have made plans for the day to go shopping with my son. I always look forward to days out with him. Kids do brighten up our time. Yesterday I spoke to my mother, she seemed quite happy because her son, my brother, had come for lunch and then they both went out for a drive. Such a fulfilling time for her.

We know we are eating healthy tonight at home so may have lunch while shopping. Need to make sure we don’t over do on calories as that is one thing which is hard to retrieve.

Bye for now, have a happy and relaxed weekend.

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