An extra hour.

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Last Sunday of October and we get an extra hour. I used to find it difficult to adjust to this concept loosing an hour in March and gaining an hour in October.

I am loving it today though. Every so often I am realising there is so much more time left. When my body clock said nine am, my phone said eight am. The Sunday could be even more lazy. Getting more time for being in bed was very relaxing. It also gives more energy and I was able to change all the bedding.

I still remember my night shift on such days and had to work an extra hour. That was surely painful.

I was thinking it is six in the evening and then realised it was only five, superb. Another cup of tea with a small snack is so warming in the cold nights.

Getting more time during the daytime, definitely gets more done during these short days. Even without seeming a chore my soup for the week is all prepared and packed for our daily lunches. That for sure makes us have a low calorie meal once a day.

As it happens it is also Halloween today. In our house we love children coming for trick and treats. My husband loves distributing the sweets. We don’t go overboard but definitely do a bit of decorations. Always have done since our kids were little and we used to take them trick and treating in the streets. Happy memories.

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