Autumn Feel

Clear sky, sunshine, green fields, hills, autumn chill, leaves turning their colours – these are some of my favourite things.

Cleveland Hills is full of beauty and surprises. We seem to find a new path every time we go for a walk along these valleys and on the tops of the hills. Alpacas caught my eye last time we were there.

These sheep grazing along are a very pretty sight with the heather in the background.

Walking through farms and fields, we can see the hills that we want to reach. Pulse and breathing are starting to get fast. Big huge breaths to get the lungs working to its full capacity is the aim.


Surrounded by autumn colours.

Almost to the summit. Didnot need as much warm clothes and layers but the weather is getting chilly and I prefer to be well prepared.

Going down a steep hill is not fun as far as knee is concerned. Of course, the visuals around do the trick for any aches and pains.

Family walk in the wilderness has been our passion for a long time. Our children have also grown to love the hills. When my daughter is back from university she has to walk in these hills at least once during her time at home, even if it is for weekend that she is here. If my husband is on a week off from work, he is up on one or the other hill every morning. I can just about imagine our retirement  and our time, where it wil be spent.

With autumn upon us, it is great to see the photographs from world over, on social media of people enjoying local nature with family. Covid has done some good in this respect. It is definietly a good way to spend time and be happy.


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