#COVID Changes

I feel like congratulating myself today and so should you. In the past year, we have all made so many changes. This makes me think we are all resilient and are able to take on challenges. Setting up goals and accepting major upheavals in our lives, definitely needs a pat on our backs.

Older people have done a great job of staying indoors and not meeting people. World over they have been managing without seeing their loved ones. Of course, relatives have done the same. Not being able to hug their children and grandchildren must be hard. When one is older, life is already limited with physical issues and now there are distancing barriers leading on to mental health problems. All the patients that I see during my day have always had a positive message to say and a beautiful bye-bye. We are not doing many face-to-face consultations but even the few that we have to bring down is a welcome break from working on a phone and computer all day. I have always enjoyed seeing my patients but I must say I have adjusted a lot to working differently now, along with the looming rumours of this is here to stay.

I was so used to going out to restaurants and having social gatherings. All of that has stopped. I miss seeing my friends, miss dressing up and wearing sarees for the Saturday parties. Last week on a Zoom dance session, it was decided that we should do some small dressing up as the festival seasons is here. Navratri is a festival of ten days among Hindus, these times are very hard to get through without going to the temple and the usual festivities not available. It has been getting to me this week and I actually cried to a friend yesterday over the phone as it felt much too lonely. It has been hard for a lot of us. This is something we should prepare for as we approach the Christmas holidays. There are some lovely social media posts of people celebrating in their own social bubbles. I do think we are pulling through bravely with our ups and downs.

Children have been getting through COVID with school work, online meeting up friends, Netflix, board games and of course the consoles. In the UK at least schools have reopened, so a huge solace for kids and families. I do admire my teenage son for making positive changes and adjusting extremely well to COVID. I am sure yours have done the same.

Please don’t give in to feeling low and lonely. We have all done very well and need to keep the good work going forwards. I want to keep strong and be happy through the next phase of the pandemic. Keep Calm and Face Challenges. Be Happy.

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