Morning run, London. 

The freshness of mornings in autumn is amazing. It touches every pore of the body and soul.

Couple run.
It is cold here now, five degrees when we go out for a run. By the time we come back we are all hot and sweaty. 

Morning Glow.
Every time I see the rising sun and glow around in the sky, it absolutely fills me up with hope. We do need to have great hope at such times. At the moment it feels the stories of Covid, lockdowns and deaths is not ending. At times, I feel completely stifled. But scenes of morning, like the one above, are liberating and energising. This was taken last year autumn at Regents park, London by a friend.

I had an argument with my son yesterday because he wanted to see some friends in the evening. Rule of six applies so legally it is ok to meet outdoors as they had planned. But I was telling him if it is not necessary you should refrain. Try explaining to a teenager is like talking to a brickwall. After dropping him off at school, I nearly had a headache but I decided for myself, I for sure didnot deserve that. Changed my thoughts and concentrated on the little kids being dropped off by their parents. It is such a beautiful site to see the interactions of cute little children holding on to mothers and being taken into schools. Low and behold when I reached home in the evening, I saw my son sitting in the lounge with his sister. Good sense prevailed and he didnot go for an unnecessary pleasure. At least I know, he is not a brickwall.

Be Happy.
We all need to be hopeful for the future, what ever the next six months brings for us. Nothing is permanent. We have to do the right things that the government wants us to do. Please be happy and save each others lives.

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