Excitement !!

I have had a full day of work today but for some reason was super excited. Seeing patients, on-call, meetings, lunch and through all of this, I could feel my palpable zest all day long. I needed to keep calm throughout the day. If it got any more hectic it would be classed as anxiety. There needs to be a balance in life. I need to be able to strike it right, between too much work and expectation for myself, family and others.

If I take too much work on, there is a risk of burnout. How can we avoid that? Variety helps but then we can’t get carried away with it either. Somedays I have to make a list of things to work my way through it all so I don’t forget things. Every day is a challenge at the moment because of COVID. Every phone call poses a new set of questions, answers to which are hidden somewhere in pathways and guidelines.

Yesterday I was working with two young doctors, their energy and eagerness was worth watching. They were not ready to sit down and they absolutely kept going all afternoon with great respect and safety for patients and staff. I think that’s what has set my pace at this level today. I was unstoppable. Even after a hectic day got my husband to go together for a run and some stretching session in the evening. It is good that we both love exercising.

I felt the need to do some writing. This always calms me down.

New York is one destination which I love. Loved our holiday two years ago at Christmas. It was magical, hence my featured photo of the tree at Rockefeller Centre. Those memories still bring back great joy and I cherish that excitement and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Excitement !!

  1. Transmission of energy affects us always in gross and subtle ways …. was glad to read that even you could appreciate it 😊
    Its always nice to make a list of things to do
    It keeps you de cluttered and you surely never miss your targets
    Loved reading your post

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