Festive mood.

Christmas brings joy and love to be shared with friends and family. Big challenge in the next week is eating festive foods and still keeping up with maintaining weight. I don’t loose weight easy so even if I can maintain over Christmas and New Years celebrations, I will be glad. Distraction works for me.

We all enjoy cooking and eating so makes it harder to avoid food. Yesterday found distracting ourselves as a good way of keeping away from food. Went for a walk and picked up twigs and wild berries from shrubs and bushes.

Neighbourhood watch.

Used all this to make decorations – a wreath and a table decoration.


Being creative makes life so joyful. Walking to begin with then using some quality time with daughter to make a table piece and a wreath was amazing.

A friend had arranged a taster session for a dance class called Bombay jam. Another great way to spend time in great company and also exercising but of course keeping away from food.

Celebrating a friend’s birthday is so special. A lot of good food and drinks surrounding us but some great music and dance floor to keep the calories going made the celebrations a guilt free evening. Absolutely loved the party on Saturday.

Local community choir group sings often in the neighbourhood. I have encountered them in the supermarket often. I always wonder how good they are together and how much practice must they do. They spread so much warmth around them. Putting donations for various charities is wonderful around this time of the year and the choir sings for particular ones . A sense of giving is very fulfilling.

A Christmas Day walk is something we all enjoy in our household so hopefully that’s going to keep the balance right between food, stress, weight and happiness. The festive holiday time needs to enjoyed and still be in control of alcohol and food.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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