Being harsh

I don’t like being harsh with anybody. Lately I have had to become strict and stick to my guns with my children. Mostly I don’t interfere and they are good kids. At the moment whether it is Christmas or holidays they are so hyper that I needed to put down my foot on certain rules in the house.

I keep thinking of having a family mission statement. Always be there for each other. Respect each other. Ask after each other . No rudeness. It could be so many things. Have you got a statement that children abide by? Kids could be as young or as old and it would be nice if we all thought in similar ways and followed similar social paths or rules. I will keep wishing for this ever so good world.

I once went for a meeting and the guy leading on it was telling us about his family, wife and three kids. They have a rule board in their kitchen. Everybody chipped in with rules. Then after the contributions, the board was arranged according to importance. it really looked so doable. It certainly would keep the household in order. Anything to keep the chaos out and keep the house happy.

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  1. Bringing kids up in a responsible way is the hardest task. It is not always enjoyable, but I hope it is doable. Thanks for such a wonderful suggestion.

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