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St. Joseph’s Convent is my primary and secondary school. I studied there for 10 years, It is perhaps one of the oldest and best missionary schools in India. At least we josephites think so, for sure. So proud of the heritage and the alumni that we have. The school is having its annual alumni meet today in Patna. Been looking at some photos coming through on the technological spaces that we share. Of course I am far away and no holidays and kids and family- usual excuses that I can come up with  if you ask me why I am not there. Would have absolutely loved to have gone. Have a great day girls. Yes it is an only girls school.

What does being in an alumni mean to me ? It simple fills me up with so much energy and can write pages after pages about anything at the moment. Mention friends and school – I could be literally up and running. The photos that have come – all these girls look so youthful and colourful. Happiness and love is reverberating loud and clear. A lot of them are my seniors and they are all so well dressed and well kept – I could hug each one of them now. My dad used to be a great enthusiast for his alumni and was so heavily involved in his old school that now us siblings also love our friends and educational institutions a lot. I hope I can pass this on to my kids- I think I have- they already do.

Nothing better than a group hug but not possible when all the school friends live far far away. One night I was Whatsapping a friend but then rang her through it. We had great laughs then we decided to get another one on line . Another good old chat started . Let’s add another one. It was like talking to each other sitting on the big black oval table of the common room in our medical school. Not sure why we always sat on top of the table though. One cannot beat university days but in the menopausal years talking to old friends is also to be cherished.

It is a new lease on life around menopause. Confidence galore and could BS the whole world attitude makes conversations with old friends super invigorating. Do try a group Whatsapp call. We absolutely loved it. It didn’t matter that we were all in different cities of the world. Shared our happiness, our fears, our duties and hundred other things. Those few moments we were back in time. The laughter went through the thin walls of modern housing and after the chatting realised my family was also enjoying our conversation.


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