Climate Change

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Palm oil is being used in everything, from biscuits to makeup and most of the time it is not sustainable, due to the fact that it is obtained from deforestation. The Amazon, South east Asia and Africa have big areas where forests have been cut down to plant these trees. Orangutans  and elephants find it difficult to find their natural habitats. These rainforest areas have been the major breathing points for the earth soaking up the carbon dioxide of the world.

Earths temperature is going up. There is much more rain in areas where it is not required. Summers are getting worse. Droughts and floods seem to be happening and creating havoc all around. Sea levels are rising. Indonesia may have to move its capital. Cow burps bring out ammonia which also raises temperature. Paris agreement is there to help with these issues and for world leaders to do things on a bigger scale. Some people think climate change is an emergency especially the young children because they will really see the effects. Us adults are being selfish by not doing anything about this.

I do sometimes wonder what I can do to help. Gas and fuels cause global warming- use less of these. Very difficult. I can’t use a bike to work or walk to work. But that would be good. A reusable bag is something we have adapted to mainly because supermarkets started charging 5p for it. The strategy worked and most people are aware of it now. To degrade plastic takes many moons so best avoided in any form.

Switching off bulbs and gadgets always helps. When we were growing up, my dad insisted on the fact that you have to put the light off when you leave a room. We used to make fun – how much will it help with your electricity bill , his answer was – these are your civic duties and you should do them. We all should have civic sense and abide by them- he drilled it into us. We could not leave taps running for too long- wasting water was a not done thing as well. It now makes sense that we were helping the environment in some way or another.

It is everybodies business to help the planet. Our next generations should have a happy life and we should strive to help them achieve it. This crisis should be dealt by all of us.

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