Invasion Technolgy

Invasion Technolgy is what I feel IT stands for now. Without realising we have been using computers and phones to do shopping, reading, googling, forming a social media circle, and IT behind the scene has been creating a profile of me. Suggests friends. Suggests events. Clothes range suggestions all the time. Group suggestion for cooking … Continue reading Invasion Technolgy


Grandma, Mother, Me and my kids all have been so different. I can relate to my mother and grandmother to a great extent. Our thinking around studies and career was similar. We respected our elders, abided by rules and regulations, lived according to moral values as per our times. I learnt countries and capitals which … Continue reading Generations


    My knowledge of music is limited and I mean extremely limited. I may act as if I get it all but really no, I don't get it. It's not that I have not tried but it simply is beyond me. My son plays spotify everyday in the morning during our ride to school … Continue reading Music