Heavy Heart


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It is warm, the sun is shining and it is dry. Surely nature looks welcoming despite the COVID phenomenon. The beauty around me is not doing much for my chest which is carrying a heavy big bag of anxiety and fear of the unknown. As a doctor, we are dealing with patients mainly online and on the phone to minimise face to face contact. Learning new ways of communication- emailing and sending texts. Some are using skype but we have not started that yet, must be on its way. Yes, adrenaline is running throughout the day at high levels and keeps us going. It is very difficult to live with a chest heaviness. When I leave work and drive away my senses simple let go and I have cried out loud in the car to get rid of all the emotions. I must say it definitely helps. It is no good coming home to a family with baggage.

At home, the whole focus is making the best of the situation. Exercising in different ways and going for walks, stretching and sun salutations are helping. We all enjoyed our evening walk this last week, seeing the lights along the river and loving the colours on the bridge. Eating together and good healthy meals are so important and we try our best with whatever we can get over the shelves. I was listening to Hare Rama Hare Krishna enchanting on live streaming, it was so soothing. Must say a good drink at this time is tonic water with half a lemon, a patient told me how it has helped her always and I took to it too.

We cannot get scared. We cannot give up. Please look after yourselves and stay at home. People are dying alone because there loved ones cannot come near them as they are infected. Think and pray for them and understand this is no time for entertainment and fun frolic when there is so much despair all around the world. Be happy and strong in yourselves because we are going to fight the virus.

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  1. I’ll keep you, your loved ones, and those you are helping in my prayers. Reading your words helps. I am grateful for every moment…for the little things…I’m glad that you mentioned the chanting. I have some recordings of chants I have learned. I’ll have to play them and chant along. Like you, I find peace when I chant. Thank you for sharing with us all.

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