In the lift.


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My appointment was at nine o’clock. After dropping off my child to school to get somewhere for 9 am is rushed, to say the least. Traffic was bad too. After the parking ticket purchased I was still ok for time. Wind up to 50 mph and cold got my senses working. I was not familiar with where I was going. For second-floor, I generally don’t take the lift but as this was a new place and stairs were not in sight, I took the lift. There were unfamiliar faces but what struck me was the mirror showing a tired face with so many grey hairs, completely windswept. I wanted to take my gaze off myself but instead started tucking the grey hairs in amongst the black bits. I recently had a facial injury around the eye which is a lot better but has left mild pigmentations and scarring. In the short journey up the lift made me realise that I am ageing. After the meeting, I definitely found the stairs. I wasn’t ready to face the mirror again.

I haven’t dyed my hair ever as I am always sceptical of unnatural looks. Menopause makes the skin and hair texture different. It is alright to get old. Men get away with being bald and with white hair. That does not make anything better for me though. A woman I feel wants to look her best. Why? I am not sure. Acceptance is better now and people will like you for what you really are, most of the time. My grey hair for the time being still looks healthy and I feel happy and confident with my wisdom.

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  1. Oh my the mirror! I don’t always like my graying hair and the fine wrinkles but what is there to do? You can hide it a little but that also becomes a bit ridiculous at some point. I prefer the natural look too but the aging proces takes some adjusting.
    The thing is that I *think* I look ok (I see myself like I’m used too) and the mirror provides me with this shock effect sometimes. I don’t understand how I don’t see what is happening irl.

  2. People who judge others by their appearance alone are ignorant, and their opinions are worth nothing. I know that’s easy to say (particularly for a man, who – traditionally at least – is less likely to be judged this way) but it’s the truth. Grey is beautiful.

  3. It is a fleeting thought reminding us of our age but to accept it gracefully and move ahead is what we all do eventually. It is the soul that keeps you beautiful now Rishi.

  4. I loved reading your blog post and the subject has been on my mind for awhile. I like my age and I like that I am aging gracefully, but I don’t particularly like grey hair😁 I would rather it be shocking white or silver. Regardless womencan

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