And the Army


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The buzz I have every morning and the adrenaline I work with all day is unreal. I actually feel like an infantry soldier who has signed up to protect us on the frontline. Today each frontline worker in health services must be feeling the same as an army officer. The time I am driving to work every day, my heart does start to beat faster and a dread gets into my nerves but then I remember the people who go on battlefields not knowing if they will be alright and I feel lucky to be a doctor and serving my country.

I know it is tough but I am not alone in this. Everybody is at risk. I am relying on telephone and video consultations for my patients and keeping them safe. When I talk to a patient generally the conversation starts at a dull note but by the end, both of us are in super spirits ready to fight the virus. The positivity helps both parties. We will fight it. We will be the winner no matter what. We cant see the end but remember world wars have lasted for years and we know this will be months. The scientists will find a solution. The world will be changed but will still be a very happy place. We will make it happy together.

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  1. I am going to join the army and become a Combat Medic after watching hacksaw ridge i really thought how awesome this man saved all his doubters without a rifle i would use a gun but he was more of a patriot than even me

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