VE Day

World War 2 finally stopped on this day 75 years ago. Definitely requires celebrations.


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I still haven’t been able to bring myself to celebrate today because of this new war going on. This war against the new virus is a modern-day challenge which has led to a lockdown and great distress in some form or another to each one of us. Unprecedented is one of the most common words I have come across recently. And rightly so. It is totally unimaginable.


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Somedays when I feel lonely and helpless, the only solace is by doing something for others. My job helps me do this all the time. But something over and above a job is what I really want to do. What can I do? I will donate money, go and buy £50 worth of food for the Foodbank. What else can I do? I think having compassion for people around the world is so important. Global pandemic making history and living through it is not been easy for any of us. Please don’t report the wrong things and fake news. It can create awful feelings for each other.

VE Day should remind us of wars and the hatred that comes with it. I truly wish the world to be a better place where we can tolerate each other more and learn to live happily together with more respect and kindness for one another.

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