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Invasion Technolgy is what I feel IT stands for now. Without realising we have been using computers and phones to do shopping, reading, googling, forming a social media circle, and IT behind the scene has been creating a profile of me. Suggests friends. Suggests events. Clothes range suggestions all the time. Group suggestion for cooking food. It hasn’t seen me though, in person, it doesn’t realise that I don’t really like to dress up so much and eating too much food could make me fatter. If I like anything about mental health it has decided that I am depressed and gives me suggestions of how not to commit suicide or self-harm. No wonder children get sucked up on invasion Ipads all-day.

I love social media to be honest because I am in contact with friends and family all the time. But my privacy being invaded is a bit spooky. I keep telling myself that I am no Donald Trump so the fact that IT is collecting data on me can surely not be beneficial for it. I mean how far did I travel and what spots did I stop at. IT will die a death keeping my same old routine day in, day out. I am happy in my own little world and no harm has come my way until now.

6 thoughts on “Invasion Technolgy

  1. IT is there to stay as long as people seek convenience and try to improve their lifestyle. Granted that sometimes it’s invasive, but it also helps book a cab in the middle of nowhere. Or makes you stay connected to your loved ones..

  2. I have been aware for a long time that Silicon Valley is full of scraping companies. I like to think that I have them completely bamboozled with my range of interests. I would challenge any algorithm to figure out what I am like from the stuff I look up on Wikipedia, which is basically anything that I want to investigate further. The one advantage that humans have over IT is our unpredictability. Such an interesting post. 😃

  3. I agree with ember bear we do have unpredictability on our side. The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agency watch as well but that is to try to keep us safe. We can only pray it works. Have a blessed day. Interesting post and so true. Love 💕 Joni

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