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Grandma, Mother, Me and my kids all have been so different. I can relate to my mother and grandmother to a great extent. Our thinking around studies and career was similar. We respected our elders, abided by rules and regulations, lived according to moral values as per our times. I learnt countries and capitals which used to be a great past time. Powercuts was a daily thing and as kids, most of us used to wait for it because that would give us extra time off studying. On the verandah, people would gather and have another round of gossip or games while there was no electricity. Singing songs used to be a thing and everybody would join in. We used to read the newspapers every day. Dictionaries and maps were always at hand. Encouragement to read the letters to the editor and even write on burning issues was done all the time. Those newspapers used to become a fan for when there was a power cut. There was no airconditioning in our houses. To say the least, life was simple, straight forward and slow-paced.

Electronics and computers have changed the world. That’s been the most dramatic thing of today. The pace is fast, it is hard to keep up with the generation of phones let alone kids. Tik Tok is the latest one that I am trying to get my head around these days. Fancy making videos at work. It’s a thought. Will there be enough to remember in thirty years? My head does not have much space to keep track of all this going on so I think I may not remember much. I hope Facebook remains at least that will throw up memories from time to time. I actually love the old photos that come up on Facebook. I find this a good excuse to put photographs on social media. I do try to learn from the present generation because whatever said and done, they are the future. I try not to put forward too much of my ideas across to them, high risk of getting laughed at. I will be happy in myself with my circle of life and they can continue to change the world and find happiness in their own ways.

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  1. I used wp for my photo “backup” because I have experience with exporting everything offline again. fb is just too gossipy & negative for me so I’ve deleted most of my presence off there.
    Yesterday’s local news featured some new study about people’s short term memory rapidly declining. There’s no confirmation but it’s believed to be linked to the prevalence of online resources and phones. No one NEEDS to remember things long term anymore, so they don’t!

    I often wonder what the future will be like. Old folks like to say that future generations will not have the necessary survival skills. I believe that they will adapt the world to their skill sets. Assuming the world even lasts that long!

  2. Yes… new technology will be designed to support changing needs & skills. And then another gen will come along and change things again. It is the way of mankind.

  3. How lovely to know about your childhood. Although I grew up in the UK, mine was quite similar. Our house was full of books and we all read a lot. I am glad to say that my daughter reads as well as enjoying the Internet in a really intelligent way.

  4. This is so good! We were happy in our childhood and our children too enjoy theirs in their own way.Yway.Your writings are so apt.

  5. Things have changed so completely in today’s world; and, we ‘yesteryearers’ cling to our memories and are reluctant to or haven’t been able to change our ways quickly enough to keep pace with it. What of the future? Who can tell?

  6. I hadn’t heard about Alexa & dementia. That’s cool! I saw that Japan had made toddler-sized huggable interactive robots that are helping lonely seniors.

  7. Life is full of changes. As days go by the changes will be a part of routene, we experience some thing different. Present days kids are born with gadgets so they can’t tune back to our life style. So each generation changes and future no one knows. Let’s all cherish what ever we experienced in past and watch and observe changes for new generation but let’s make sure we guide them and motivate to get on right direction then life will be peaceful. Good post and impressed and loved reading the same. Cheers and happy week end. Big smiles for you. 🌹

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